Vacation Apartment has Easy Access to All of Paris



This unique Paris luxury vacation rental apartment has favorable access to Paris’ very expansive transportation network, consisting of buses, "Métro” and Velib’.


The metro is the ideal way to get around Paris fast and easily. There are 16 lines (including 2 "bis") traversing the city. Each line has a different color and number. So even if the abundance of lines appears overwhelming when you first look at a metro map, it quickly becomes easy when you understand how it works. At any given Metro station each Metro line will have 2 platforms, one for each direction. 


Buses are also a great option as they allow you to see and enjoy the city while moving around. There are so many buses in Paris, you can go almost everywhere by bus. The only issue is to find where they stop! Bus stops are more tricky to find than metro stations. Tickets are the same as the ones you use in the metro.  The bus fare structure was recently (July 2007) changed to allow limited transfers between buses.  A "t+" ticket (which is what you will receive if you buy a carnet in a Metro station) allows transfers among buses for up to 90 minutes from the first trip.  However, if you buy a ticket on board the bus, there are no transfers.   Also, there are no transfers between bus and metro.



From a central location and with access to a unique nexus of public transportation, guests at 16RDS can travel directly to almost any destination and discover all of Paris

Of course, private transportation can be arranged through quality providers

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